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Oak Ridge, TN
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Dogs Available for Adoption


Penny is a very sweet little miniature poodle mix female. She is about 6 years old and weighs in at 7 pounds; she likes to play and go for walks. Her favorite thing is to be cuddled. She loves being held like a baby. Penny's foster mom says she will dance around on her hind feet to get a treat or even to let her know she needs to go out to potty. She sleeps in a crate all night without waking up. She has a cataract in one eye, which we have had checked by an eye specialist. The chances that removing it will improve her vision in that eye are very slim (about 30%). Since she has no problem seeing with the other eye, we did not put her through the surgery. She will need one eye drop in the eye with the cataract to keep down any inflammation. Here you see Penny before she was groomed; see her gallery for a couple of pictures of her after grooming. What a difference a little TLC can make!
More pictures of Penny.


Jedi is probably a mix of border collie and sheltie, with a bit of shepherd for good measure. And Jedi is an appropriate name for this magnificent dog. Beware! -- one look into his face will steal your heart!. He is just under a year old and weighs 40 pounds. Jedi is very people-oriented, what we call a "leaner"; he leans up against you as if he wants to get as close to you as he can. When you start petting him, he will lie down and want his belly rubbed. He has not had much experience with walking on a leash, but we are working on that as well as trying to get him used to car rides. He seems fearful about getting in a car, but once he is in and secure with his person beside him, he settles down. We think he may have been "dumped" from a car at some time in his past. We want to get him where he has happy things happen when he goes in the car -- like going for walks by the lake, or to the park to play. He likes treats, so he is a good candidate for training. Right now he is residing at a boarding kennel, and we have learned that he also knows how to climb chain link fences. He was in the outside play area and the staff was in the parking lot and saw him try to climb the fence three times. He didn’t make it to the top; they felt he was just trying to get to them, since he is so people-oriented.
More pictures of Jedi.


Barkley is a super-sweet, 5-year-old boy, who weighs 16.6 pounds and is housetrained. He gets along well with other dogs and appears to get along with cats. He is playful with his toys, and his favorite game is tug-of-war. He loves to sit on laps and to be right next to his person. Barkley has some food sensitivity and is currently on a special diet. He is also recovering from a terrible ear infection, and currently requires ear medication. The special someone who is willing to offer Barkley a forever home will be repaid with the company of a handsome, sweet, loving and loyal companion.
More pictures of Barkley.


If you follow SARG’s animals on our website or Petfinder and/or Facebook, you’ve met Rudy. He’s an approximately one-year-old, 38-pound pointer mix who is being treated for heartworms. His foster mom is so pleased with this boy’s desire to learn, and he’s thoroughly enjoying his new life as an indoor pup. We want to give an update on Rudy's heartworm treatment. He was on doxycycline for a month to kill immature heartworms and weaken wolbachia, a parasite that adult heartworms carry. On Christmas day he started taking prednisone and will be taking it for a month. He just received his first immiticide injection on 1-8-18 -- an arsenic compound. Now he is on strict cage rest, which he seems to know is required. The hope is to kill 50% of the adult heartworms with this injection. So far, so good -- the adult worms will start dying and his little body will start breaking them down and removing from his bloodstream. Rudy is due for the next set of two immiticide injections at the beginning of February, to kill the remaining adult heartworms. We will update you again after Rudy has received the final injections. Send prayers and good thoughts ... he still has a serious part of his treatment ahead of him. Applications will be considered after Rudy's final treatment in February is completed successfully. Please keep watching, and we hope to post good news; if you’re looking for a wonderful dog friend in your life, Rudy is the one!
More pictures of Rudy.

Happy Tails -- Dogs Adopted or Pending


Cody is a nine-year-old male Shih-Tzu. He likes to have his belly rubbed, be petted and play with some toys, but he can be sensitive when you try to pick him up. Cody is an independent dog who is also a very alert and attentive. He likes to roam the allowed areas in the house, but he is not a big cuddle dog. He rides very well in an automobile and a golf cart. He likes other dogs, and we assume he would be good with cats; however there is no cat in his foster home. Cody does have heart problems and is on medications and low-sodium dog food to help manage his condition. Along with ‘Newman's Own’ dog cookies, Cody also likes small pieces of carrots for treats. He like to go for short walks in the neighborhood and is friendly to everyone he meets. He is house-trained now and is also crate-trained and will go into his crate during the day just to nap. He also likes to be on the sofa with his foster mom and dad at times. Cody would probably do best with a fenced yard and older children, and he likes men best and would be happiest in an all-male household.
More pictures of Cody.


Slick is a small Dachshund mix who weighs about 10 pounds. He has the long Dachshund body and short legs, but the coat of a wire-haired terrier. He is incredibly cute and likes to be held, and that's about all we can say about him until he gets to his foster home so we can get to know his personality.
More pictures of Slick.


Georgia is a 1-year-old terrier mix weighing approximately 11.8 pounds. She is a very sweet and playful little girl who gets along well with other dogs and seems to get along well with cats. Georgia is crate-trained and is working on house-training. At the end of the day, she likes to snuggle up next to her human and read or watch television. Georgia is looking for a loving forever home with plenty of treats and someone to play and snuggle with her.
More pictures of Georgia.


The Webster dictionary definition of "adorableness" is "Scooby." This particular Scooby is a two-year-old, fifteen-pound mix of terrier? Chihuahua? and basenji? -- based on his very curly tail; but quite frankly, only a DNA test could tell what his genetic makeup really is. Scooby is smart, friendly, relatively calm, great on a leash, wonderful with cats, dogs, and children. And Scooby loves to go to the dog park where he can run and play. He still has some puppy behaviors, which he will grow out of, but for now he needs to be kept in a safe area when no one is home. He is housetrained but will sometimes pee and bark in a crate. So crating is not a good option. But if you can keep him gated in a small area like a kitchen or a screened-in porch, or if you have a fenced backyard with a doggie door so he can go in and out, those are great options for Scooby when he is left alone. He would also do best with someone who works from home or at least does not have a full-time job away from home. Scooby loves to burrow under the covers with his loved ones at night and he even loves to take showers. He is truly a unique, special dog and is just looking for that forever family to make him feel safe and loved.
More pictures of Scooby.


Kipper is a little 13-pound senior Shih Tzu, about 9 years old. He came to us from the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter on October 25 and went directly to his new forever home the next day. He is now named Zaxby and is well established as head of household in his new home.
More pictures of Kipper.


Zep, or Zeppo or Mr. Zippy, is an approximate 8-year-old terrier mix, most likely rat terrier and something. He weighs about 15 pounds, but needs to put on a little weight. Zep is adapting incredibly quickly to his foster home, settling in with 4 new dogs and learning a doggie door. He is a super easy keeper! He loves to be petted and to be in the same room with you, but is not demanding. His foster home has nothing but good things to say about him. He walks very nicely on a leash and could probably stand to go for some walks to get out and about. Zep would do great in a relatively calm home where he can be safe and loved.
More pictures of Zep.


Roman is a handsome, tricolor male Dachshund mix. He is about 1½ years old and weighs 16 pounds. Roman came back into our foster program after his adoptive parent was injured and not able to care for him. Roman is a playful and moderately active boy. He is crate-trained and appears to be housetrained. He currently lives with 4 other dogs and gets along well with everyone in his foster home. There are no cats in his foster home, but his former parent reports that he made friends with a cat in his neighborhood. Roman likes all the people he meets and he loves to give kisses. Roman likes taking walks, playing chase and snuggling while watching television. Roman is looking for a forever home with a loving family.
More pictures of Roman.


Addie is a young terrier mix who weighs about 20 pounds. She is about a year old. She's friendly and active and likes to be with people.
More pictures of Addie.


Gina is a 5-year-old female Chihuahua mix who weighs 12.6 pounds. Her foster mom describes her as a little lover girl, because she loves to be held and snuggled. She currently lives in a foster home with 4 other dogs and 2 birds. She gets along well with the other animals in her foster home, but she seems more interested in playing with her foster mom than with the other dogs. She is a well-mannered little girl. She doesn't bark much, but will call attention to things that are out of the norm. She is housetrained and does not need or like to go into a crate. Gina would make an excellent companion for someone with a laid-back lifestyle.
More pictures of Gina.


Brewster is a 60-pound border collie/shepherd mix -- both of which are very intelligent breeds. He has had his vaccines and is heartworm-negative. He is about a year old and a happy-go-lucky guy who hasn’t met a stranger. In the cat room at the shelter, he just went over and sniffed the cage and was not aggressive toward any of them -- even the ones that hissed at him. Either he has had some training, or he is a very fast learner; he learned to sit very quickly to get a treat. He seems to be food-motivated and will be easy to train. Brewster is mild-mannered, but he may be a little too exuberant to be around a toddler. We believe he is housetrained, but we'll know more definitely once he is in a foster home.
More pictures of Brewster.


Sam is a 3-year-old beautiful golden retriever/ husky mix. He weighs 42 pounds and is a funny, loving bundle of joy. He likes to take walks and hikes and loves to ride in the car. He likes to play tug with his rope toy. He is good to alert if someone comes to the door, but doesn't continue to bark. He is smart and responds to several commands.

Sam came to us as a stray from Roane county. He was placed in a foster home and was quickly taken out of state for a trial, but he didn't fit into their lifestyle, so he was returned to us. He became too much for the foster to handle and was placed at the kennel because of a lack of available foster homes. He was placed in his current foster home in August. Because of his lack of training and no routine or stability he didn't trust anyone. SARG had a trainer work with Sam and his foster, and as a result he is more trusting and calm. His foster continues to use the training methods with him, and this will need to continue in his forever home. He can be nervous in new situations, but love and patience have calmed him.

He will need to be in a home with no children under 10 and no cats. He is with another dog in his foster home and gets along well with her, but would also do well as an only dog. We also recommend that the adopter have a couple of training sessions. This will help to build a bond and trust with Sam.
More pictures of Sam.
Video of Funloving Sam!

Other Adoptables

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***"Other Adoptables" (when listed) are NOT in the SARG program, but they still need love and a forever home. Please contact the owners directly by clicking on the link. Please do not contact SARG. SARG offers no guarantee in any way related to any non-SARG animal -- the rescues, shelters, or owners involved provide their own descriptions, terms, and guarantees.

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