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Oak Ridge, TN
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Other Adoptables

These animals are NOT in the SARG program, but they still need love and a forever home; SARG offers no guarantee in any way related to any non-SARG animal -- the rescues, shelters, or owners involved provide their own descriptions, terms, and guarantees.


Brody is a 9-month-old male Great Pyrenees mix. He has been neutered, microchipped, and is up-to-date with all shots, weighs 42.5 pounds and is heartworm-negative. He is a client of Oak Ridge Vet Hospital. Brody is still in the puppy stage and still nips and chews and is very rambunctious, but he can also be very lovable. He has been living inside, but is not crate-trained yet. He is 98% potty trained for outside. He needs lots of socialization and training. He has not been around children to my knowledge. Brody wants to play with other dogs, but is puppy-rough. He needs to be in a fenced area to be able to run. He eats about 3 cups of dry food daily and one of his favorite treats is raw carrots. Brody just needs a home where he can have more attention, training, and exercise than we are able to provide at this time. Please e-mail Kim at if you have a place for this handsome guy in your life. [Posted 01/17/2018]


Toby is a 10½-year-old-boy who looks like a small-to-medium-sized Pomeranian. He is currently living at Bluegrass Animal Hospital, courtesy of his long-time vet, Cristi Moser. He is described by the staff there as super-sweet. I went to see him and he is playful and adorable. He was the "husband's dog," and when the husband died the wife took him to the clinic to be euthanized. His only known medical issue is periodic raw nose, treatable with a topical antibiotic like Neosporin. Please contact Carmen Trammell, (865)335-6510 or [Posted 01/10/2018]


Belle is a Jack Russell mix, female about 10-15 pounds. She is living in poor conditions outside 24/7, but the owner is willing to give her up if I can find a home for her. She is very sweet, but she has a bladder issue. Apparently after being spayed, she was having bladder control problems. I'm not sure the extent of the issue as I'm not sure how reliable the source is. I cannot take her as I have a dog and 2 cats already, but I can't stand to see this poor dog suffer any more. It's the saddest thing and she is so, so sweet and scared. She is in East TN, but I live in Nashville. I can get her to someone though. Please call or email Sarah Bailey 615-804-2022, [Posted 01/07/2018]
More pictures of Belle.


Copper is a young 25-pound beagle mix who was found wandering my neighborhood as a stray a few weeks ago. Every attempt was made to contact his previous owners; however, they were not responsive, so Copper is now up for adoption. He is in good health, is neutered, and is heartworm-negative. Copper is high-energy and very playful. He would do well in a home with other dogs for him to play with. He loves a good game of fetch or a wrestling match with his foster sister. He needs a fenced yard to play in. I would love to keep this little guy, but he deserves so much better than I can give him. I have two other pets, work full time, and attend school. I simply don't have the time to give him all the attention and love he needs. Copper can be a bit anxious, likely due to his time on his own, and an experienced dog adopter is preferred. Please contact Ann at (864)436-5068 for more information. [Posted 12/1/2017]
Another picture of Copper.


Bonnie is a 6-year-old redbone coonhound. She is spayed and up to date on necessary shots. Bonnie is energetic, playful, sweet, and loving to her humans. We are fostering her (not affiliated with any group). We took her in with the intent to keep her, but without knowing her history, we discovered she wants to be an only pet. We have two elderly dogs and Bonnie is not a fit for our home. I recommend her for a home without other pets. She is crate-trained, but we do not know if she is house-trained. Please contact Melanie at (865)216-4977 (text preferred) if you are interested in helping Bonnie find a permanent home. [Posted 1/12/2017]

Happy Tails -- Pets Adopted or Pending


Remus Lupin was found on the streets of Knoxville with a burn on his tongue. At first, he had trouble eating, but his mouth is healing nicely and he eats like a pig now. He is a 3½-month-old sweetheart. His favorite things are cuddling, eating, and playing with his squeaky mouse. He smacks it all around his room! When he's done playing, he'll nestle himself right next to you and purr like crazy. He would make a wonderful companion for anyone who wants a snuggle buddy! He has no problem with the litter box. He is a bit scared of dogs but is slowly warming up to them. He is leukemia- and aids-negative, has had his first RCP shot and deworming, and will be neutered. Please text or call Jessie at (865)985-4595, or call Jackson Square Animal Clinic at (865)483-5994 for info. Don't forget your veterinary reference! Thank You! [Posted 12/10/2017]

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