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Oak Ridge, TN
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Other Adoptables

These animals are NOT in the SARG program, but they still need love and a forever home; SARG offers no guarantee in any way related to any non-SARG animal -- the rescues, shelters, or owners involved provide their own descriptions, terms, and guarantees.


I adopted Howie - a male, 1-2 year old pit bull mix from a nearby city's animal shelter. He is 50 pounds, neutered, up to date on all his shots, and microchipped. I was led to believe he was okay with cats; he is not. He has been evaluated by a trainer who says he does not need to be in a home with cats or small dogs. He is a quick learner and such a cuddle bug and snorer. He does great in a crate at night, and we are working on the little bit of separation anxiety he has if I have to leave the house. He has already come a long way with that. He really is a good dog; his prey drive is just too strong for my home, and I need to find him a loving, forever home without small animals. Please call Julie at (865)414-6445. [Posted 10/8/2017]
More pictures of Howie.


Bonnie is a 6-year-old redbone coonhound. She is spayed and up to date on necessary shots. Bonnie is energetic, playful, sweet, and loving to her humans. We are fostering her (not affiliated with any group). We took her in with the intent to keep her, but without knowing her history, we discovered she wants to be an only pet. We have two elderly dogs and Bonnie is not a fit for our home. I recommend her for a home without other pets. She is crate-trained, but we do not know if she is house-trained. Please contact Melanie at (865)216-4977 (text preferred) if you are interested in helping Bonnie find a permanent home. [Posted 1/12/2017]

Happy Tails -- Pets Adopted or Pending


Colt is a one-year-old German shepherd mix. He is neutered and up-to-date on shots. Colt does well around other animals, is people friendly, and doesnít know a stranger. With still being a puppy, he needs some training with commands. He currently knows "sit," and is house-trained and kennel-trained. Currently he weighs about 45 pounds. Please contact Zach at if you are interested in Colt. [Posted 11/5/2017]
More pictures of Colt.


These 3 female tortoiseshell kittens are 8 weeks old as of October 5, 2017; they are scheduled to be spayed and vaccinated later in October. They were rescued at 5 weeks of age from a neighbor who was going to turn them loose in the woods with their mom. Please call (865)776-2710 if you can provide any of them a loving, indoors-only home. [Posted 10/8/2017]
More pictures of the tortie kittens.


All right, cat and kitten lovers! It is with deep pain that I advertise my new foster kitten, Star. <3 (I want to keep her so badly but I can't.) Her story is she was found by an elderly lady in Oak Ridge outside an apartment complex. She was half dead with maggot eggs on her face and a terrible upper respiratory infection. Originally Dr. Reeve thought we may have to put her down. But with the help of Dr. Reeve and all the people at Jackson Square Animal Clinic, this little sweetums pulled through. She is now at my house eating and playing and snuggling to her heart's content.

Star is what cat people call a "tortoise shell" (a dark calico with no white spots). She enjoys feather toys and snuggle sessions the most. She seems comfortable around calmer SMALL dogs like my Texas. (My big dogs are too scary for her). She has had her first RCP/Chlamydia shot and I plan on having her spayed when she is old enough and strong enough. She is very, VERY precious to me and my family so we prefer re-homing her with someone who will keep her indoors only and be able to provide endless Love and attention.

For more info call or text Jessie at 865-985-4595. [Posted 8/7/2017]
More pictures of Star.


Tux is looking for a home since her former owner died. She has been living with her friend Precious but they do not have to be adopted together, and Tux would probably do fine as an Only Cat. She has adjusted well to life in a multi-cat foster home, but she does not seem particularly interested in the other cats. People are another matter entirely. Tux loves to follow her people around, hang out in the same room, snuggle, be petted, and occupy laps. This gives her people the opportunity to enjoy her incredibly silky fur and kisses. Tux has mild to moderate asthma but it is controlled by medication (one shot at the vet every six months) and does not affect her daily life. On the contrary, she is extraordinarily athletic, jumping five-foot gates and climbing on six-foot furniture. She is healthy, feline leukemia free, spayed, microchipped, and up to date on her vaccinations and flea medications. She is bold, adventurous, and unafraid of new people and animals. [Updated 5/30/2017]
More pictures of Tux.


Precious needs a home since her former owner died. She has been living with her friend Tux but they do not have to be adopted together. She has adjusted well to life in a multi-cat foster home, but we believe she would also do well as an Only Cat. She is healthy, feline leukemia free, spayed, microchipped, and up to date on her vaccinations and flea medications. Precious is a shy girl and needs a person with the patience to let her get used to a new home slowly. But it took fewer than 24 hours for her to warm up to her foster Mom. She loves people, bird watching, exploring bookcases, massages, squirrel watching, investigating cabinets, and petting. She also likes volleyball and has a sweet, tiny voice. Please contact Vicky White at, or call (865)272-6448, and leave a message. [Updated 5/30/2017]
More pictures of Precious.


Hi, my name is Sophie. My previous owner died a few weeks ago and now Iím looking for a new home. Iím 3 years old, a female, long-haired, and everybody tells me Iím a Tennessee Volunteer 'cause Iím orange and white. Iíve been an only cat so Iím not sure if I would get along with a brother or sister. I love to look out windows and doors, but Iíve never been brave enough to venture outdoors. My favorite game is to play fetch, especially with small silk flowers. You throw it and Iíll bring it back to you. And by-the-way, did you know colored shoe strings are fascinating? Iím healthy, leukemia-free, spayed, have had all my vaccinations and am litter box trained. I havenít been around small children, so they may be a little scary at first, but I should warm up pretty quickly to a new environment. Once I trust you, we can cuddle with me in your lap while we watch TV. Iím currently staying at my veterinarianís office so they can make sure Iím not lonely, but I canít wait to be able to explore my new home. If you are interested in me, please contact Susan Ramsey at or call (865)966-7514.† [Posted 5/6/2017]

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