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Oak Ridge, TN
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Cats Available for Adoption


Geiger is a 3½-month-old (as of 4/7/21) black-and-gray-swirl tabby. He was found with his littermates on Nuclear Branch Road, hence the name. Full of energy, he enjoys playing with toys. Another favorite activity is watching birds and squirrels from the screened porch. He has long legs and a long tail and is quite the talker. Those characteristics indicate that he probably has some Siamese somewhere in his background. He gets along well with the other cats in his foster home.
More photos of Geiger.
Videos of Geiger.


Blondie is an 8-year-old female Himalayan mix with tabby points. She is the sweetest, most cuddly cat you will ever meet! She gets along well with other cats and calm dogs, and absolutely adores people. She is mellow and friendly, and enjoys long naps and belly rubs! Don’t let her grumpy face fool you--she is a real sweetheart and would make an excellent companion! She would prefer a calm home with no small children.
More photos of Blondie.


Meet Moo; she is a beautiful, black-and-white kitten about 9 months old as of 2/27/21. She is super friendly and wants to be loved on all the time. She enjoys being picked up and cuddled and will spend hours in your lap. We named her Moo because her markings remind us of a Holstein cow -- those markings are so cute -- and she has very dense soft fur. Moo has a tiny voice, but when you come home she greets you at the door and loves to talk to you. She wants to tell you all about her day. Moo is FIV positive and is in a foster home with other FIV+ and FIV- cats. FIV isn’t the terrible disease it once was, and most FIV+ cats live a normal kitty life. If you are looking for a very sweet little girl, here is the one for you. Give our little MooMoo a chance.
More photos of Moo.


Luna is a pretty, black kitty with striking white whiskers and eyebrows. She is about 5 years old as of May, 2020. She prefers a quiet household without dogs or young children for her forever home, although she does well with the other cats in her foster home. Her foster mom has decided that Luna would be a great companion for a person who is a night-owl; she is at her friendliest late at night and comes to be petted and share the couch.
More photos of Luna.
Video of Luna.

Happy Tails -- Cats Adopted or Pending


Pat Benatar
Cat Benatar here and I’m "Looking for a Stranger" to notice me, "If You Think You Know How to Love Me"! I am a 2-year-old female medium-haired calico, and I promise not to be a "Heartbreaker"! I am a very sweet and affectionate lady and I get along well with other cats and dogs. They say that "Love is a Battlefield," but it doesn’t have to be with me! I’ll keep you company and together we will have "The Good Life."
More photos of Cat Benatar.


Eliza is a black-and-gray tabby who is about four months old (as of 2/11/21). She is a real cuddle-bug -- that is, when she isn’t busy keeping things running smoothly in her foster home. Do you need help loading the dishwasher correctly? What about putting the wash in the dryer? Or mopping the kitchen floor? If you answer yes to any of these, then Eliza is the kitten for you. When she’s not busy with chores, she loves to play with her cat toys. If she can’t find one of her small toy balls to bat around, a piece of dry cat food will suffice. She gets along well with the other cats in her foster home and has loved playing with other kittens in the home. Eliza also is a shadow for her foster mom -- this girl wants to be with her people.
More photos of Eliza.


Raspberry is a 6-month-old, bobtail kitty. She has the most stunning coloration and markings any of us has ever seen, a grey swirl tabby with both russet red and brown and orange highlights. Her tail is about 2 inches in length and she can still wiggle it in the most adorable way. Raspberry – Razz for short – loves to be a cuddly lap-cat, curling up on your lap while you watch TV, and to cuddle at night, even snuggling under the covers. Her favorite toy is a feather on a string that she can chase around, or a little ball that she bats around the kitchen floor. Her fur is some of the softest her foster mom says she has ever felt! Razz gets along with the other kitties in the home and adjusted very easily to the life of a house cat. Her foster mom says she will bring unending joy to her forever home.
More photos of Raspberry.
Videos of Raspberry.


Martha Washington
This past fall, five little kittens lost their mother. But never fear, SARG rescued them. Three of the five have now found their "furever" homes. One of the remaining ones is Martha Washington, who is a very sweet gray tabby about 12 weeks old as of 12-19. Curiosity is her middle name – she is always checking everything out, and every new Amazon delivery is thoroughly vetted by her. She is a lap-cat, but in her foster home she has to take turns with the other lap-cats that live there. She needs to be in a home with at least one other kitty, or with people who are home most of the day, since she is very much a people-cat.
More photos of Martha Washington.


Introducing Pluto, a beautiful, green-eyed, one-year-old, part-Siamese, and totally-black male cat. Pluto, named after the cat in the terrifying and gruesome Edgar Allan Poe short story, "The Black Cat" is anything but terrifying. He is cute and adventurous, uses the litter box, does beautifully with children, is not scared of dogs and gets along with other cats. He can morph from being sweet and cuddly to playful and mischievous in a nanosecond. Pluto loves attention, and who needs cat toys? He will play for hours just pushing a pencil around the floor. During this COVID pandemic, here is a furry friend who will provide hours of entertainment and love while you are stuck at home. Please help find this very special young cat a furever family..
More photos of Pluto.


Blueberry is just adorable -- the perfect lap cat! She is a medium-haired charcoal Siamese mix, approximately 6 months old. We named her Blueberry when we got her because her hair would stick up at odd angles like the top of a blueberry. She has grown into the most beautiful and regal young kitty. Blueberry likes to cuddle a lot! Any time you are in bed she is curled up touching you in some way -- either against your legs, on your lap or on your chest. She likes to sit in your lap and watch TV, too. Whatever her foster mom is doing around the house she is right there wanting some attention. Blueberry also likes high places -- the top of her cat tree or the top shelf in the closet make great places for naps when no lap is available. Blueberry gets along with the other cats in her foster home, but she would do just fine as an only kitty too.
More photos of Blueberry.


Mochi is a sweet, 1-year-old plush little girl who absolutely adores everyone she meets! She has fluffy, soft fur and loves to sit in your lap. She does great with dogs and other cats, and she aspires to be a hairdresser! She enjoys grooming other animals and even humans’ hair! She is outgoing but fairly calm, and would fit in well just about anywhere!
More photos of Mochi.


Maple Blue Lily Marlene Fred Mickey

MAPLE                     BLUE                      LILY MARLENE                          FRED                            MICKEY

Update January 9, 2021: Thanks to all who have inquired about and applied to adopt these little ones. We have had high interest in them and are now working through the applications and queries that we have, and we are confident that we will be able to select homes for them from the responses received to date. Again, thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to offer these babies a home.
A Litter of 5! SARG has a litter of five kittens that were born on Nov. 19, 2020. Two of them are male orange tabby, two are female grey/brown tabby, and one is a female calico tabby. All are super-friendly playful kitties that are very lucky to be alive. Having been born right at the start of winter they were found by a dear friend of SARG and taken in right away. These kitties have already had one appointment with our vet, and they are healthy, strong, and growing just as they should. They will be ready for their forever homes on January 15th. SARG will, of course, pay for all the necessary shots, microchipping and spay/neuter with our veterinarian.


Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow is a 9-week-old (as of 12/19/20) bundle of fluff and energy. He is very much a people-cat and wants to be wherever the people are in his foster home, so he'd do best in a home where a human is present a fair amount of the time. We do know already that Chairman Meow needs a home with at least one other kitty -- probably one that's under three years old. And this is a very social kitten who loves people, feline friends, and laps.
More photos of Chairman Meow.
Video of Chairman Meow playing.
Another video of Chairman Meow playing.


Have you ever wanted to play fetch with a kitty? Well, Desi wants to play fetch with you! He is better at fetch than most dogs!! Desi is a short-haired brown tabby about 7 months old (as of Christmas 2020) who loves attention. He follows his foster mom all over the house, usually with a small ball or toy in his mouth. He is just waiting for a good game of fetch. When he is done playing, he is ready for a snuggle on your lap – Desi is such an amazing lap cat! Desi is also ready to cuddle at night. He sleeps on the bed, usually at your side snuggled against your leg, or at your feet, and he sleeps like a log all night long. He also gets along with all the other cats in the foster home, older cats and younger ones that he can wrestle with. Desi will make a great addition to your family.
More photos of Desi.
A video of Desi getting belly rubs and playing fetch!


Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton is an orange-and-white tabby boy -- lots of energy and love.
More photos of Alexander Hamilton.


Apollo was named after a Greek god known for his beauty. This striking black-and-white tuxedo kitty -- about seven years old -- is looking for his new forever home. Apollo has recently lived with another cat, so we know he’s cat-friendly. He’s also very people-friendly -- his previous owner says he's "all about his people." He is only available for adoption due to serious health issues of his previous people. Our vets say he is friendly and sweet. He’s ready for the next chapter in his life.
Another photo of Apollo.


Lucy is a sweet, cuddly, 4-month-old (as of September 15) girl with great big eyes. She is tabby with calico markings and little white feet. Lucy loves to give you kisses all the time, and as soon as you pick her up, she is purring. She cuddles her foster mom's teenage daughter all night, sleeping right up on her pillows. Lucy has never met a stranger and enjoys being held by everyone. The foster home she is in has several other cats/kittens, and she gets along with all of them.
More photos of Lucy.


Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross is another possible blue-point Siamese mix with those lovely blue eyes.
More photos of Betsy Ross.


George Washington
George Washington is a Siamese mix, possibly blue point -- it's a little hard to tell yet. Notice the lovely blue eyes.
More photos of George Washington.


My name is Carter and I'm a beautiful light orange tabby with pale green eyes. I have very soft, silky fur and love being petted. I'm about 2 years old and a big boy -- I weigh about 17 pounds. I'm a very confident, social and loving boy. You know I'm happy and in love when you hear me purr! Toys are great fun and I love those little squiggly plastic cat toys! My potty manners are excellent! I live in a foster home with six other cats and 3 German shepherds. I have adjusted very well to being an indoor cat. My foster mom has a sun porch that I can access from inside the house and I've gotten quite skilled at using the cat door. I love watching birds from the window and snoozing on the cat tree. I love to play and would be happier with another cat to play with. My foster mom keeps a bowl of fresh water in the bathtub, and I love to get fresh water there every morning. It is so much better than drinking out the same water bowl as the dogs.
More photos of Carter.
Video of Carter playing with Morris.


George Bailey
George Bailey is a gorgeous Maine coon mix boy of about 4½-5 years old. He's in a foster home with another cat, so we know he gets along with other cats. George was a stray found in a barn who was taken in by a family who ultimately decided they couldn't keep him. He had been chipped at one point, but attempts to contact the original owner went nowhere. SARG has re-chipped him so that his chip information is up to date. Now he's looking for a true "forever" home. George appears to like people and will sit on laps. As we have him longer, we'll discover more about this stunning boy.
More photos of George Bailey.


Morris is a male orange-swirl tabby, and possibly a Manx mix, since his tail is only about 2 inches long. He is about 4 years old and was a stray in the Wear's Valley area who wanted to come inside. Morris does love to play with string, laser and toys; really loves catnip on his scratch box and toys. He was quite a wild child when he came to his foster home, but has calmed down and gets along pretty well with the other cats. He does fine with the dogs in the home -- two very large German shepherds. He does not like to be picked up, but does sleep on the bed and will cuddle. He likes to lie on a person, especially early in the morning. He loves being petted and does get in laps, but is a work-in-progress on becoming a true lap cat. He loves the cat tree on the sun porch and talks to the birds outside. He's a striking boy with his classic swirl tabby pattern in dark red-orange and his half-length tail.
More photos of Morris.
Video of Carter playing with Morris.

Other Adoptables

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***"Other Adoptables" (when listed) are NOT in the SARG program, but they still need love and a forever home. Please contact the owners directly by clicking on the link. Please do not contact SARG. SARG offers no guarantee in any way related to any non-SARG animal -- the rescues, shelters, or owners involved provide their own descriptions, terms, and guarantees.

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