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Beaker was adopted a few months ago, and is much loved, but his adopter's situation has changed unexpectedly, so that he will not have enough time to spend with Beaker and making it best for Beaker to find another home. He has written the following detailed description for this good boy.

Beaker is a special little guy. He’s a 2-year-old collie/shepherd mix, really smart, well-behaved, friendly, and energetic, with a quirky personality. He weighs about 28 pounds. He absolutely loves walks and car rides (he can’t get enough of either). He also likes hikes, being outside, looking out windows, his cow toy, the dog park (he likes to herd the other dogs), being hugged and held, sitting on the back of the couch (he’s like a cat). He knows basic commands (sit, down, stay, drop it, off, break). He’s good at staying in his crate all night to sleep. And he enjoys figuring out puzzle feeders. He can be indifferent to a few things, like other dogs while on walks, children, or large crowds. He doesn’t like cats. He will stare at them and whoever makes the first move, he will try to chase them. He can have bad separation anxiety if he is left in the crate while his owner is gone. However, he is totally fine if he’s left out, and usually just snoozes on the couch while waiting.

He absolutely hates having his ears cleaned and flushed. For the time being, it has to be done, especially his right ear. But he will squirm, run away, and spend the next 15 minutes trying to shake the fluid out and whining and whimpering.

He needs: someone that is home a lot, whether working from home or like a regular schedule (e.g., 9-5). I think he could do well in a family home, where he can be given a lot of attention. He does well with other dogs, so a multi-dog home could work. He will benefit most from formal training, as well.

The biggest issue: as mentioned above, he has calcified ear hematomas. His ears are rough and folded over, and prone to more ear infections. Consequently, he is scheduled to have a total ear canal ablation in mid-February. This procedure should help him long-term. He is now available to meet potential adopters, but he will be ready for his new home only after he recuperates from this procedure.

He comes with a crate, bed, toys, food, treats, leash, harness, car seat cover, car leash/seatbelt, medication, vet history and recommendation.

More pictures of Beaker.


Paul Hollywood
Our Paul Hollywood isn't much of a baker, but he is a wonderful couch potato and snuggler. His favorite thing is belly rubs. Paul is about 5 years old and weighs just under 27 pounds. He loves his foster companion dog Rory, and he would like to have a home with another friendly dog for company. He is housetrained and likes short walks, but he is soon ready to head back to the couch for some rest. Even so, he has a tendency to dart out the gate when it opens and has to be watched carefully in that situation. He also likes to run for the door when it opens, so for his safety he needs to have a fenced yard to keep him from dashing out into the street. His foster family are working to train him to wait for permission. Paul is usually very laid-back, but he does get excited meeting someone new and could sometimes be a bit too exuberant for a small toddler.
More pictures of Paul Hollywood.


Meet Chester, a 2½-year-old Boston terrier. He is a lovely brindle with white socks. He does well with the other dogs in his foster home. He has learned to use a doggie door and, although he walks pretty well on the leash, his foster mom believes that, as a young dog, he needs the freedom to run in a fenced yard. Chester definitely wants to play and will chase a ball or other toy and also enjoys a good game of tug. He would probably be a bit much for young children but might be good with older, respectful kids. He has good energy and would make a great hiking or jogging companion. He would also do well with another dog his size or larger who was interested in playing. Chester is a pleasant chap who will make a great companion.
More pictures of Chester.


Thumper is a friendly male Jack Russell/beagle mix. He is 5 years old and weighs around 25 pounds. Thumper mastered the doggie door in his foster home after just a day or two, and he is housetrained. Thumper likes to ride in the car; he would be happy in a moderately active home and would be a good hiking or jogging companion. A fenced yard would be best, where he can run and play, maybe with a doggie playmate. He is people-oriented, and we believe he would be good with older children, but possibly too active for toddlers.
More pictures of Thumper.

Happy Tails -- Dogs Adopted or Pending


Except for the slightly grey muzzle, it's easy to mistake 20-pound, active Riley for a pup. But Riley is an eleven-years-young, incredibly adorable, sweet. lively senior who has many more years of life to give to some lucky adopter. He is affectionate, good with dogs, cats, and children, and is housetrained, calm, and not a barker. Riley loves to go on walks but also to relax on the sofa next to his person. His tail never stops wagging. And those big brown eyes and huge ears make him even more irresistible. Riley's former owner was unable to take her beloved dog into the nursing home with her. Won't you please give this wonderful dog his new forever home?
More pictures of Riley.


Meet Mikey, a 6-year-old, neutered male standard poodle. Mikey has recently lost his human mom – he's been grieving and a bit confused about his future. He is a very active dog who has had a fenced area to romp and entertain himself since he was a pup. He grew up with teenage girls and cats, and he always happily met other dogs his own size. He is current on vaccinations, heartworm-negative, house-trained, and microchipped, and has recently had a dental cleaning. Please note: We have closed applications early for Mikey, as we have received a large number already from which we expect to find a good home for him. We do not wish to put additional people to the trouble of applying at this time. Thanks to everyone for the interest in this beautiful boy.
More pictures of Mikey.


How could anyone resist those liquid brown, soulful eyes of Mac, a 35-pound, 6-year-old mix of hound, terrier, Lab, and goodness knows what else--in other words, your basic sweet-tempered mutt. He is housetrained, doesn't shed, is great with other dogs, and ignores cats, but is a little skittish around young children. So he would probably do better in a house with older kids or adults. Mac is calm, walks well on a leash, and is not much of a barker, although he does emit a kind of adorable hound yelp when he is excited to see someone. Mac also loves to play and would make a wonderful playmate for another dog. If you are interested in adopting this delightful furry companion, please contact SARG for more information.
More pictures of Mac.


Rufus is a 10-year-old male Pomeranian mix. He is friendly and seems to like lap-sitting and having human attention. He came from an elderly owner who passed away, and we believe he would do best in a home without small children or other dogs. Rufus is small, just under 17 pounds, even though his fluffy coat makes him appear larger. We think he will make an excellent cuddle-buddy and companion.
More pictures of Rufus.


Sheamus is a senior terrier mix who came into SARG to a foster home and never left. He has been adopted by his foster family, who know a good thing when they see it!
Another picture of Sheamus.

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***"Other Adoptables" (when listed) are NOT in the SARG program, but they still need love and a forever home. Please contact the owners directly by clicking on the link. Please do not contact SARG. SARG offers no guarantee in any way related to any non-SARG animal -- the rescues, shelters, or owners involved provide their own descriptions, terms, and guarantees.

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